May Day 2019

May Day 2019

Date(s) - 06/05/2019
All Day



England, Northern Ireland, Scotland, Wales

May Day 2019

Here you find all information about May Day 2019 and also about May Day 2020 and May Day 2021 in the UK.

May Day 2019 in UK

Bank holiday Day Date Weeknumber
May Day 2019 Monday 6 May 2019 19
May Day 2020 Monday 4 May 2020 19
May Day 2021 Monday 3 May 2021 19

About May Day 2019

In England, Wales and Northern Ireland it is known as May Day and in Scotland as Early May Day. May Day associated the beginning of the summer season as well as the celebration of workers rights. May Day occurs on the first Monday of May but in most countries at the 1st of May. A tradition on May Day is a maypole dancing and morris dancing. People also decorate there houses with flowers and leaves to celebrate Flora, a Roman goddess.

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