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About Late Summer Bank Holiday 2019

In 1871 the summer bank holiday was introduced on the first Monday of August. This day was introduced so that employees could visit and participate cricket matches. In 1971, one hundred years later, this date has changed for England, Wales and the Northern Ireland to the last Monday of August. In Scotland the summer bank holiday is still on the first Monday of August. The summer bank holiday is the end of the summer holidays. Many schools and companies are closed on this day. Depending on the local custom, shops may be closed or open. Many people make trips in this weekend or just relax. There are also many events, as festivals. In London the Notting Hill Carnival is the largest street festival of all Europe and even the second biggest street carnival of the world. After the three-day weekend students must return to school and employees to their jobs.

Click the link(s) below for more available information about Late Summer Bank Holiday:

More information about Late Summer Bank Holiday 2019