Halloween 2019

Halloween 2019

Date(s) - 31/10/2019
All Day



England, Northern Ireland, Scotland, Wales

Halloween 2019

Here you find all information about Halloween 2019 and also about Halloween 2020 and Halloween 2021 in the UK.

Halloween 2019 in UK

Bank holiday Day Date Weeknumber
Halloween 2019 Thursday 31 October 2019 44
Halloween 2020 Saturday 31 October 2020 44
Halloween 2021 Sunday 31 October 2021 44

About Halloween 2019

Halloween is celebrated annually on October 31. Halloween is the evening before All Saints (falls on November 1). The Saints are reminded on all Saints. On Halloween people remember the dead.  At Halloween people believe that spirits of dead people could come alive. Halloween is a party where people dress up as ghosts, skeletons or other scary figures. Children go trick-or treating. They dress up and go to other houses for sweets. Halloween activities are also carving pumpkins, lighting bonfires and watching horror movies.

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